Thursday, May 23, 2013

Video and images of the Arizona Trail May 2013

This was the most stunning view on this part of the trail

Gear shakedown hike of AZ trail

20-21 May 2013 Shakedown hike of the Arizona Trail Section 28 "Blue ridge" the area I hiked was 5.2 miles each direction see arrows on map, of course it felt like it was much longer of a hike, the whole section is 16.1 miles.
I hiked from Rock Springs CG around 1p.m. Northbound to Blue Ridge CG just before dark and camped there for the night, Dinner meal was 1 pack of ramen boiled with alcohol on Evernew DX set, the next morning woke up and made 2 package of oatmeal for breakfast using dried biomass picked up off the ground because I ran out of alcohol fuel.
The hike back to my truck had an uphill section just South of the Blue Ridge CG that had me taking frequent breaks in the shade of trees along the way.
It was fun and I believe I can reduce my pack base weight by a few pounds. I took to much food, I took to much water and need to do better research for water sources.

Friday, May 17, 2013

HammockGear Burrow 40F Top Quilt

Woohoo! My new Hammockgear Burrow 40 degree F 900 fill goose down blanket arrived today.  It was ordered 06 May was custom made for me and arrived 11 days later. Pretty darn cool if you ask me.  Going from my Big Agnes 30 degree  F 650 fill down mummy bag 47.52oz to this blanket 16.1oz will shave roughly 31.42oz or 1.96lbs off my pack weight.
Okay I realize this is apples to oranges comparison, 30F bag to 40F blanket but the whole idea is to shave weight off my pack.

NOTE: the scale was off in the video the true weight with stuff sack is 16.1oz

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Gear Review Stuff Sack Cooler

My first ever gear review of anything is the SOS (Simple Outdoor Solutions) Stuff Sack Cooler.
more to the point this isn't so much of a review but more of my first attempt at prototype testing
the folks over at SOS  were looking for testers and I volunteered.

This very short video was taken on a recent trip from Phoenix, AZ to Northern AZ.
The folks over at SOS make a quality product, I can tell the quality from the construction from the material and the stitching. This product isn't waterproof, it really isn't designed to hold ice like a regular cooler but more to keep the contents cool. I plan to do more varied testing as the summer here in Arizona heats up.
Here is a video from SOS