Monday, December 30, 2013

Sunrise Hike

I didn't need the alarm from my trusty LG G2x to wake me up today, I just woke up! and it's still early enough to hike and see the sunrise. Yeah!

No time for a shower, grab a few things and dash outside, shoomp shoomp my tacoma fired to life, after rolling through the local Starbucks drive-thru grande latte in hand and singing along to AC/DC Big Balls I knew it was going to be a great day.

This is all the video I have the battery in my old cell just quit on me. Grrrrrrrr!

LMAO I had thrown a Starbucks VIA and two packets of oatmeal into my pack along with my LiteTrail cook esbit system for my morning meal, the funny thing is I forgot a lighter or firesteel, the reason is because I grabbed my *everyday* pack  Good thing I decided to get a blueberry muffin at the drive-thru and it sure tasted good.

Pro's: Had a great hike, it was very short, but any time outside is awesome.
Con's: use hiking pack next time, bring SPOT, put a lighter in *every* pack I have, upgrade my not so trusty cell phone.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Megan & LiteTrail Version 3 cookset

It's been too many days since I have been hiking.  I have had 2 road trips to Northern California in 2 months and some crazy weekends that have hindered getting out but hopefully things will change.
This week I received a new cook kit from the "thin wall" Ti 550 and I was able to talk Megan into a local day hike after work with the promise of a trip to our nearby REI to look at some gluten free hike meals that we could cook up after our hike.

This cookpot worked out great, better than I expected and the clean up was a snap, I was worried that the Esbit would mess up the pot and be all stained, using a baby wipe soon after the cook and it looks good as new.