Monday, June 24, 2013

Arizona has stage 2 fire restrictions statewide

Arizona has stage 2 fire restrictions statewide    I had big plans to hike in passage 28 again this weekend until I realised that I didn't want to lug my JetBoil SOL alum down the trail and couldn't use Alcohol / Biofuels stove so I purchased a SnowPeak LiteMax @ 54g from REI (should arrive 28Jun) since they have a promotion running right now and use my Evernew Ti 400FD cup w/alum foil lid at 56g, current fuel canister weight is 180g.
I can just hear it now, that with some of the high winds we are having now that the burner will be blown out, well I plan on using a improvised windbreak or no stove at all.
The last few times I have gone hiking in passage 28 I have camped out at established campgrounds, but have recently been inspired by Tony Hobbs aka Tony's Wilderness to "wild camp" as he calls it, and that will require a stove that can be turned off.
LMAO this week Phoenix will reach 117F and I am sure the high country will heat up as well.

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